GREEN GROUP is principally engaged in the development of energy as an essential element of sustainable development, where the primary use of renewable energy or fossil fuel use through a range of energy sources that lead to increasing energy efficiency.


GREEN GROUP is engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of energy products and energy. Since the energy in terms of well-known and widely accepted, and present the concept can be defined in many ways. In the scientific sense, is the science of energy supply and technical use of energy resources. In economic terms, the energy collection of business activities focused on the exploration and production of primary and secondary sources, transformation, transmission and distribution to the consumer. In a philosophical sense, the energy world view that everything that exists and everything that happens in nature and society comes to energy, even matter and spirit.

GREEN GROUP is engaged in the production and trade of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels as well as electricity and nuclear power. Some forms of energy are produced consumption of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) and other non-renewable sources (nuclear energy) and the other from renewable sources (hydro, solar, wind, wave, geothermal).

Energy is consumed mainly in the field of transport, heating, lighting and technical processes.

One of the tasks GREEN GROUP is a cost-effective production and reduce energy losses, efficient deployment of manufacturers and choice of optimal transport. Besides the important task of reducing the negative impact on the environment. This included the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide) that cause the greenhouse effect, and other harmful products that are formed during the process of energy production (sulfur and nitrogen oxides, ash, soot, etc.).


Energy sources

Energy appears in the accumulated or transitional forms. Depending on whether the emerging nature is, primary and secondary sources.

Given the level of use of primary energy sources can be

  • Conventional energy sources and
  • Unconventional sources of energy.

Given the natural renewability of energy can be

  • renewable energy sources or
  • non-renewable energy sources

There is another division, due to the energy carriers. In this division, only energy sources that are carriers of chemical energy, and with the exception of biomass, non-renewable, while all other energy sources are renewable.

Primary energy sources can be

  • carriers of chemical energy (fuel)

wood, peat, coal, crude oil, natural gas, oil shale, bituminous sands, biomass

  • carriers of the potential energy,

hydro power, tidal

  • holders of nuclear energy

nuclear fuel

  • holders of kinetic energy,

wind, sea waves

  • carriers of thermal energy and

geothermal energy, heat must

  • holders of the radiation energy
  • solar radiation


History of energy sources

Energy, along with food, water and raw materials, one of the key needs of humanity. During the historical development of new forms and sources of energy led to civilization revolution which in recent years have called the industrial revolution.

Wood biomass

Man uses wood to heat of the day when he discovered the fire to heat their habitat and food preparation. The availability of wood coincides with the prevalence of the human community. Extensive use of wood has contributed to significant expanses clearing and destruction of large areas.


production of charcoal, which is made of wood, is 6,000 years old, because the coal suitable for melting metals. The Chinese used coal in 1000 BC and the Romans used it for melting metals. Englishmen extracting coal from the mines in the 12th century and exported it to Flanders. In the 17th century begins production of coke, coke oven gas and later will be applicable for street lighting. The invention of the steam engine James Watt started the industrial revolution that has created tremendous demand for coal. Coal was the main energy source until the mid-20th century, when oil takes precedence, although coal is still the main source for the production of electricity and heat.



Oil is the main energy source of the second half of 20 century. Besides oil is increasingly used alternative energy sources, primarily renewable energy.

In order to meet the current and successful planning of future energy needs is the World Energy Council set three primary goals for 21 century:

  • Access to energy sources, which means that energy must be available at prices that are-acceptable and sustainable;
  • The availability of energy sources in terms of continuous supply and
  • Eligibility for compliance development and environmental environment.


Renewable energy sources (abbreviation Eng. Res Eng. Renewable energy sources) used as a permanent means an energy source the energy resources used to generate electricity or thermal energy, or any useful work, and whose reserves are constantly or cyclically renewed.

The very name of renewable and durable, comes from the fact that the energy consumed in an amount not to exceed the rate at which it produces in nature. Some time in the renewable energy sources are classified and which are said to have so many reserves that can be exploited for millions of years. This is in contrast to non-renewable resources which reserves are estimated at tens or hundreds of years, and their creation took tens of millions of years.

Types of renewable energy

All energy on earth comes primarily from three sources:

  • Solar energy comes from solar radiation. It is the result of thermonuclear reactions within the sun that is transmitted to Earth as a whole spectrum of electromagnetic radiation;
  • The disintegration of isotopes of heavy elements, nuclear fission;
  • The movement of the planets - gravitational energy, which is manifested on earth through the power of the tides.


Solar energy in a broader sense, to the planet earth is manifested directly as:

  • solar energy, direct and biggest source of energy on Earth. She constantly renewed energy from hydro power, wind, wave, thermal gradients in the ocean and bioenergy through photosynthesis.

Solar energy is present and indirectly through a number of forms of energy:

  • hydro under which usually involves only energy streams (ie energy rivers) as the energy of the glacier and the energy of ocean currents at this time are not profitable and technically demanding to use. Tidal power does not belong in this form.
  • wind energy or wind energy comes from the kinetic energy of air masses;
  • wave energy, usually listed separately as originally come from wind energy;
  • heat hydrosphere, ie. heat must be derived from the thermal gradient in the seas and oceans, biosphere
  • energy or bio-energy, energy from photosynthesis, ie. biomass, biogas and biofuels in general).

Solar energy is also stored in fossil fuels in the form of chemical energy in the remains of biomass in coal, peat, oil, natural gas, shale, etc.. It is a non-renewable source of energy.


The consequence of the Sun's energy is wind energy

The disintegration of the isotope (nuclear fission) can be:

  • In the interior of the Earth - is manifested as geothermal energy
  • Artificially induced - nuclear energy in a narrow sense. This energy is essentially non-renewable energy source, but according to some views, and it can be classified as renewable.

Currently in the world about 13% of primary energy consumption comes from renewable sources, although the technological capacity significantly higher.

Contrast renewable sources are non-renewable sources of energy. They could be defined as resources whose reserves are expected to be exhausted for more than a few hundred years, and whose recovery took several times longer.

One form of solar energy is transformed and the chemical energy of fossil fuels, which are essentially only transformed biomass. However, this source of energy, created the sun's energy during long periods of time, are not renewable, but is one of the non-renewable energy sources, and nuclear energy are among some of the renewable and non-renewable energy in some sources

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